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Anatomy: always on hand


Browse through 12 body systems, and select any structure to learn more about it. Use system layers to customize your view further, or to examine extra details including bony landmarks and dermatomes.


Choose to isolate a body region, or select individual structures to hide or fade to see what you need. Select multiple structures and explode them to view individual parts and their complex relationship with surrounding structures.


Explore the inner workings and relationships of the anatomy. View the body in motion, trace nerve and artery origin paths, and discover the connections between individual structures.

Muscle Motion: view and explore muscle movements

Innervation: discover which nerves innervate specific muscles

Arterial Supply: view how blood is supplied to muscles

Origin Path: trace nerves and arteries to their origin


Bring the full 3D anatomical model into the real world through augmented reality. Select a flat surface to place the model, view it from any side and any angle, and scale it to life size.


No more phoning it in


Improve your anatomical knowledge with Courses: guided lessons through anatomical topics, created by subject matter experts. Choose courses to prepare for pre-med, or to enhance your knowledge of specific body regions or systems. And all of your Courses are available across all devices, so you can study wherever you are.*

Getting Started:
Sample Lectures

Try out some of the sample Lectures for free to get a taster of the content on offer. Discover anatomical positions and planes, and begin to explore the muscular and vascular systems.
Undergraduate Human Anatomy:
Regional or Systemic
Discover the underlying concepts and principles related to human gross anatomy. This Course is available to study by System or by Region.
The Regional approach focuses on the tissues, skeleton, muscles, blood vessels, and nerves of the seven regions of the body: Back, Lower Limb, Upper Limb, Head/Neck, Thorax, Abdomen, and Pelvis.
The Systemic approach explains terminology and tissues within the various systems of the body, including: Skeletal, Joints, Muscular, Cardiovascular, Nervous, Digestive, Respiratory, Urinary, and Integumentary.
Cadaveric Images:
Skeletal and Muscular Systems
A companion course to traditional anatomy lectures featuring detailed photographs of professionally dissected cadaveric tissue. The photographic library represents a comprehensive look at the human body through all body regions and systems. The course is designed to better prepare studnets in how to identify anatomical structures in embalmed human cadaveric specimens in either dissection or prosection based courses.

*Access to Courses requires a compatible device running Complete Anatomy for iPhone. No Upgrade purchase necessary to access Courses.
Find a list of compatible devices, and how to access Complete Anatomy for iPhone for more information.


Courses are presented by a team of 7 top anatomical experts from leading universities. These subject matter experts offer high quality, accurate information beginning from the key concepts and principles of human gross anatomy, to more advanced and complex material.

Dr Alan Detton
Stanford University (2013-2016)

Dr Derek Harmon
University of California

Dr Yasmin Carter
University of Massachusetts

Dr Erin Fillmore
University of Buckingham

Dr James Coey
St George's University

Dr Quentin Fogg
Monash University

Dr Jennifer Burgoon
Ohio State University


Watch interactive lessons, where the Course authors explain and demonstrate anatomical concepts and topics. Pause the Recording at any point to interact directly with the model, without fear of losing your progress.


Discover detailed revision material with Screens. Explore the model in full 3D to learn more about your chosen area or topic, and view the annotative tools or linked text and images to gain more information. Tap Labels to discover highlights and see additional model positions.


Phone a friend


Access and accept invitations to Complete Anatomy 2018 groups on the go. Use the groups filter in the Library to quickly view content shared within a specific group. You'll never fall behind again.


When a Library item is updated by another member of your Group, the changes are automatically synced to your device. Now you can get the latest content updates wherever you are through mobile data.


Receive the latest study material from your lecturers and teachers. With Complete Anatomy and Content Builder, you can receive content created specifically for your classes and modules directly to your devices.